01. After the ceiling fan is installed, it will emit an abnormal sound (decorative sound). What is the solution?

A: A) can be changed to plastic hanging ball

    B) hanger - can be added with gasket

    C) Reinforce structural stability in the ceiling sandwich during construction

    D) can be changed to DC motor ceiling fan


02. In the difference between the origin and quality of the motor (Taiwan vs mainland), the price is also more than doubled. What is the difference in production quality?

A: The quality of Taiwanese employees is high and the quality can be improved. Therefore, the quality of products is good and stable. Although there are still many technical deficiencies in the management of Taiwanese cadres in mainland factories, the quality is unstable. The company's products are made in Taiwan. The speed and temperature rise have been fully tested after standard testing. The blades are made of plywood. Other brands will be mixed and dense boards are not suitable for Taiwan's climate.

03. Is there a service dedicated to the customer to create a ceiling fan? (color, size...etc.)

A: For the traditional style, the voltage can be changed to 220V. If the other specifications are similar to the product structure, it can be handled.


04.220V ceiling fan products (sales and ordering needs special attention)

A: Change to 220V voltage, after order confirmation, you can't return or exchange, the price is negotiable.


05. The motor size is, for example, Ø153×t15. What kind of data does the former represent, and what kind of data does the latter represent?

A: The former represents the inner motor diameter, the latter represents the static thickness, calculated in mm


06. Is it best to install the ceiling fan with a few centimeters or more from the edge of the blade?

A: It is best not to be less than 60cm, and it is best to install in the center of the room. The closer the wind is to the wall, the smaller the wind will be. The greater the shaking, the more noise will be generated, such as installing in the corner or patio and the room is too small. There will be the above shortcomings.

07. Does the blade have a life span and will it deform?

A: The wood parts of the company's blades are made in Taiwan, plywood material, non-dense board, Taiwan island is humid climate type, such as dense board for a short time easy to deform, such as humidity, high temperature, kitchen salt weathering and hanging Wind and rain in the corridor will affect the life of the blade. It can be used in normal environment for more than 10 years, according to the priority of deformation: plastic, dense board, plywood.


08. The advantages and operation of DC motors.

Answer: DC brushless motor (BLDC) advantages: power saving about 60% efficiency, no current sound

Mode of operation: At present, the company uses a remote control to control the six-speed, using Hall sensing components to sense the position of the rotor, control the rotation of the motor, and use a permanent magnet coil to energize and generate a magnetic field.


09. DC remote control features (liquid crystal screen and no LCD screen comparison)

A: A. 1 to 6 segmental segmentation control, speed 215RPM ~ 50RPM.

    B. With positive and negative, natural wind function, the password learning code will not repeat.

    C. The low speed 50RPM can be combined with the warm ventilation and comfort of the winter.

    D. The LCD screen display clearly shows the current speed of use, no LCD does not have this function.

    E. The LCD screen shows that it consumes more power on the battery, and no liquid crystal has no such disadvantage.

    F. Set the number of segments: LCD screen must be cycled from 1 to 6 segments. No LCD has no such defect. You can press the required number of segments immediately.