• #52  Tropical Breeze Fan

#52 Tropical Breeze Fan

Model : 18543

18543【Tropical Breeze Fan】 

Spec :#52 Ø188×t15 3-blades/3-lights, pull-out for high, medium and low speeds,

E27 lamp head, normal bulb and spiral energy-saving tube can be used.

Size:from floor to top of Stand Fan…H1:7'5.7"﹙2278mm﹚

From floor to blade…H2:7'2.5"﹙2197mm﹚

From floor to lampshade …H3:6'4.3"﹙1940mm﹚

Blade OD …W1:52"﹙1320mm﹚

Base OD…W2:21.65"﹙550mm﹚

Highlights: ※Do not recommend to install under strong wind or busy road area

  ※Basically, it must be fixed on solid floor

  ※72“﹙6 feet﹚ tube is packed separately.