Ceiling fan parts


Remote Control

(D01, D02, D03)


D04 Capacitor  Spec:4.5uf

D05 Capacitor  Spec :5uf

D06 Capacitor  Spec :5.25uf

D07 Capacitor  Spec :5.25+7+9uf

D08 Capacitor  Spec :5+6+8uf

D09 Capacitor  Spec :5+6+8+R (for wall-cut)

D10 Capacitor  Spec :5.5+9+12uf

D11 Capacitor  Spec :5.5+7+12+R (for wall-cut)


Shift Switch (D12, D13)
Light Switch (D14, D15, D16)
Electronic Switch (D17)

Clean Mop

D18 Clean Mop

Bead Chain

D19 Bead Chain

Plank specific to lightweight steel

Plank specific to lightweight steel(MOQ: 10PCS/times)

Hanging pipe

D21 Spec:9cm

D22 Spec:1.0ft

D23 Spec:1.5ft

D24 Spec:2.0ft

D25 Spec:2.5ft

D26 Spec:3.0ft

D27 Spec:3.5ft

D28 Spec:4.0ft